Campaign poster with Garbage, Recycling and Organics
Reminder stickers
Campaign stickers, to be stuck on receptacles
Vegetable posters on Transit
Promotional vegetable posters on Transit
Top left – loading screen of app | Top right – home screen
Bottom left – Recycling section | Bottom right – Eat Local section
Images of the David Suzuki Campaign app
Selected pages from campaign proposal
Example pages from the Campaign proposal
Example pages from the Campaign proposal

David Suzuki Foundation Marketing Campaign

The project goals were to create a marketing campaign for a non-profit foundation, to increase awareness of a specific issue. I chose the David Suzuki Foundation and the issue of climate change, and how an individual can affect it.

The poster is the first part of the campaign, and outlines correct recycling and organics procedures. These would be distributed to all households. The stickers would be included, for a handy reminder.

The second part of the campaign would be to have vegetable posters on Transit routes.

The third part of the campaign would be the creation of an app. This app would have two parts – one for recycling tips and easy accessibility, and the other for organic information and events.

I have also included example pages from the campaign proposal, outlining SWOT analysis, questionnaires, the results and other information.

(School project)