Posters for 2014 Horse Trials
Posters for three past Horse Trials
Outside of CVES brochure
Inside of CVES brochure
CVES membership cards
Selected pages from the 2014 Horse Trials program
Program for the 2014
				Horse Trials - cover and inside pages

CVES Promotional Materials

The Campbell Valley Equestrian Society (CVES) is a non-profit organization based in Campbell Valley Park. CVES organizes the Horse Trials in Campbell Valley every year, and maintains the equestrian facilities within the park.

I have created the promotional posters for the yearly Horse Trials for the past 4 years. For the 2014 Horse Trials I created two posters – one for competitors and one for the audience.

The brochure and membership cards are for general use and the promotion of CVES. The program is used only during the Horse Trials, and is given to competitors and members of the public. It includes information about the competitors, the Horse Trials, and course maps.